Plant Sale Information

Please Wear Your Name Badges

We ask all our members, who work at these sales, to wear your name badges so our customers can identify us.

SKFS gives new members a badge as part of your membership.  If you have lost your badge, replacements are $7.50 payable to SKFS.  If you have never been issued one or need a replacement, check with Dorothy Anderson. 

If you are volunteering during any sale and do not have a badge, please wear a temporary stick on badge.

Would you like to sell non-plant items during our plant sales?  

As of September 2013, for a flat fee of $5 paid to the club and board approval, any club member may sell fuchsia or garden related items during our plant sales. 

You may bring your own table or make arrangements to use a club table. Depending on table needs you may be asked to share a club table with another member.  Be sure to clarify this with the board before the plant sale.  Anything having to do with your table is your responsibility.  This includes; setup, keeping an eye on your items and cash box, processing any transactions, and the take down.  You keep any money you make.

SKFS Plant Sale 

Registering your plants:

Send an email, or call, the Plant Sale Chair, telling them roughly the number of plants you will be selling and their name.  They need your list by as soon as you can get it to them, April 1st if possible, so they can put together a master Sno-King Plant Sale list for WA. State Dept. of Agriculture.  They need our list 10 days prior to sale so they can process and mail out our “Garden Club Plant Sale’ permit.  All garden clubs that have sales in our state need a permit.  

Why do we have plant tag rules?

So each member that brings a plant is guaranteed to get the money that their plant brings in (70% of it)

Tagging your plants for sale:

~ First you need to pick a color of tags then go buy them at the store.  Eva buys Yellow tags at Steuber’s in Snohomish and then puts a red stripe on the tip with a Sharpie to distinguish her tags.  Steuber’s has several varieties of tag colors and sizes. Also, check with Ray, he may have plant tags that the club is selling.  Mark your tags with a distinctive mark to make it easier to find your tags. It’s ok  if two or three members have the same color.   

~ Secondly you write the name of the plant on one tag and put that in your plant pot.

~ Then you take your second tag and put your name or initials on one side and the price of the plant on the other side.  Eva writes her initials (ELF).  When a customer picks your plant we pull out the tag with name/price at check-out and keep those in a box.  The customer goes home with the tag that has the plant name on it.  After the sale, our treasurer will take all the tags and divide them up by member name.  They then total up the amount of money you made by tallying your tags.  From that total you get 70% and the club gets 30%.  The Treasurer will write checks to all members who have money due and hands those out at our May meeting. 

Don’t forget, any member who brings plants needs to stop by Country Village at the end of the day and pick up any remaining plants that did not sell, unless you made arrangements with another member to pick them up for you or want to donate them.  If you choose to donate them, arrangements must be made with the Plant Sale Chair prior to the plant sale date.