Club History


"In early 1983 the NW Fuchsia Society was looking to start a new club.  They contacted people in the north end of Seattle and also Lynnwood. 
The first such meeting was held in Lynnwood at a Real Estate office.  Bill Becker was our host.  Some of those that were there included Barbara McKernan, Sally Williams, Mary Williams, and Pat Arndt.  Greater Seattle Fuchsia Society members that attended were Alice Kennedy, Marge Alyger, Will Gibbs, Pat Moody and Joan Hampton. A new club was born.  The name was Sno-King Fuchsia Society and our first president was Barbara McKernan.  We were chartered in the Northwest Fuchsia Society in May 1983.  
There have been several locations through the years for our meetings and we are finally at the Fire Station in Lynnwood.  The membership has grown and faltered, but we are growing again and going strong.  

We hold our Spring Plant Sale and also our Annual Judged Show at Country Village each year.  We attend the meetings of the NW Fuchsia  Society and have hosted the Annual meeting several times.

We welcome visitors to our monthly meetings and hope they will want to join us." ~ Pat Arndt, Sno-King Founding Member

Fast Forward To Today ...

What our members are saying about our club today?

What do you like about being a member?

"Sharing events and getting to know other gardeners" 

"I''m always learning something"


"Meeting others with the same interest"

"The nice people and the chance to learn about an interesting group of plants"

What would you like to share with someone who may be interested in joining?

"Friendliest bunch of people ever!!"

"You learn so much"

"Interesting activities, great members"

"Informative programs"

"That clubs are a great non-judgmental way to learn to grow these plants"

"Very fun, learning - lovely people"

What are some of your favorite club activities?

"Nursery Tours"

"Annual picnic and garden tour"

"Speakers - interested in learning about what works and doesn't work"

"Interesting activities, great members"

"Plant sale - a chance to buy more plants"

How has being a club member helped you with understanding and growing fuchsias?

"More familiar with the range of fuchsia types and colors. More skilled with growing , shaping, and propagation techniques"

"The monthly presentations are a learning tool whether it be about soils or fuchsia growth"

"My total knowledge of fuchsias has come from being a member of the club"

"Oh my gosh!  I had no idea fuchsias were hardy and how many varieties! Love them and look forward to adding more each year"

"At meetings - demonstrations to take cuttings, fertilizer availability, plant sales"

"Have learned a lot on how to prepare them for winter"

"By answering our silly questions without making us feel silly"

Anything else you would like to say about being a Sno-King member?

"Such nice friendly members, good camaraderie!  Everyone is willing to help and share their knowledge and experiences in growing fuchsias"

"Members attitude toward everyone, very friendly, example-helping one another during August show time"

"Everyone works so well together on all the projects and you can appreciate the cumulative efforts of past members that left so much to the current club efforts"

"I like our leadership"

"Someday we may even enter in competition"