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Sun or Shade?

Posted by Sno-King Fuchsia Society on Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A general rule of thumb is fuchsias do better if not kept in full shade. Like most flowering plants, some sun is required.  Fuchsias are outdoor plants.  They are easily transplanted and if you see the leaves or flowers burning from the sun, move the plant to a shadier location and see how it behaves.

Pots or hanging baskets require more shade because the sun dries out the soil faster than those fuchsias planted in the ground. 

Species fuchsias are those fuchsias which are the mother plants of all fuchsias and require the most amount of sun.  Full sun is fine for these hardy plants.  All other hardy fuchsias are treated like perennials.  The thicker the leaf the more sun it can tolerate but most hardy fuchsias do best with morning sun and aftenoon shade.